Planning and scheduling using Excel spreadsheets

18 Oct

Most of the businesses use resource scheduling in their everyday life, but most common tools for it are still e-mails, paper wallcharts, notebooks and Excel spreadsheets. Specialized tools are expensive, complicated and hard to implement.

We’ve been listening our users  from very different areas of life: design agencies, laboratories, churches, schools, manufacturers, service providers, equipment and car rentals, construction and logistics companies scheduling their teams, equipment and facilities in Ganttic on daily bases. Most of them are using MS Excel for planning , but even in very small teams it does not work just right.

To put some weight on my words I present you a side-by-side comparison of planning in MS Excel and Ganttic resource scheduler.


gantt in excel

Gantt in Excel


CREATING A SCHEDULE – it is not a tough job in Excel. Just put your resources in the leftmost column and name other column headers as weeks, months, days or whatever time precision works for you. Then color cells to create taskbars and type project/task information in it.

RESCHEDULING – This is kind a hassle. Delete/rewrite the task/project info in the cells and recolor them. Don’t forget to save after.

SHARING – Usually people just e-mail excel-based schedules to each other. Second option is to upload it to companies server. Both methods share a common problem – how to know if you have most up-to-date version? Who deleted the task I have planned? What if your colleague just switched to Linux and can’t open your spreadsheet?

REPORTING – Unfortunately Excel does not count specially colored cells …

SECURITY – You can protect the file with password, but if you should forget it and by mistake email it instead of to …



gantt chart in ganttic

Gantt chart in Ganttic


CREATING A SCHEDULE – Ganttic was made for creating schedules and plans. To plan a task you just have to click-drag-release in the gantt chart area.

RESCHEDULING – Rescheduling is the best part in Ganttic. We do realize that plans almost never remain the same through the time and adjustments must be made and made quickly. Drag/drop taskbars, strech them by dragging the arrowhead on the end of taskbar or change information in custom fields. ll this is done in matter of seconds.

SHARING – Ganttic is a multi user system. Everything you see and do in Ganttic happens in real time. So everything is always up-to-date. You and your colleagues can access the schedule from any computer having a internet connection. Does not matter – PC, Mac or Linux – everything works.From every action made in Ganttic the log record is left. So you can track latest changes in plan easily.

REPORTING – Create custom reports, save them as templates and export them into csv format. All this in just few clicks.

SECURITY – We use 128-bit or higher SSL encryption. This is the same kind of encryption used by online banking. It means that no one is able to steal your data while it transit from your computer to our server and back.If you’re still worried about your data, purchase a server version of Ganttic and host it by yourself.



So, the bottom line is: MS Excel is a great spreadsheet program and works well for many kind of calculations but if you need a tool for planning and scheduling, Ganttic should be your choice. Why wait? Sign up for a free account and get planning!

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